Live Status

Are you preparing for a trip or seeing someone off at Roma airport? Don’t worry, we share the real-time updated timetable of Roma Airport departures, keeping you informed and in control of your travel experience.

You can access real-time departure information with a single click, eliminating the need to constantly refresh or visit numerous websites for flight updates.

  • Time: This refers to the departure time.
  • Date: This shows the departure date.
  • IATA: This is the three-letter code for the destination airport, like Brisbane (BNE).
  • Destination: This displays the full name of the destination city.
  • Flight: This is the flight number.
  • Airline: This indicates the airline operating the flight.
  • Status: This shows the current status of the flight, “Scheduled, Departed, Estimated.
  • Chill at the airport: Know exactly when your flight leaves to avoid stress.
  • Plan like a pro: Confidently plan arrivals for pickups or connections.
  • Stay on top of things: Get alerts about delays or gate changes.