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This awesome tool tracks your flight’s arrival and departure times in real-time, so you’ll know exactly when to grab a snack or take a break. Plus, it keeps you updated on all things aviation, just like a faithful scout!

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or taking your first flight we believe flight tracker is a fantastic tool for you. It keeps you updated on your flight’s progress as it happens, tells you its current status, and gives you an estimate of when you’ll land. This info is invaluable while you are planning for a trip, especially if you have a connecting flight or a meeting right after you land. So just entre your flight number in below search bar and check quick results.

Australian’s Airports

We’re dead keen on sorting you out with the latest and most reliable info about who’s coming and going at airports all across Oz. Doesn’t matter if it’s a quick trip within the country or a flight out to another part of the world, we’ve got your back. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, waiting to pick up a mate at the airport, or just curious about what’s happening up in the skies, Flight Tracker is the place to be. We know how important it is to stay in the loop in the fast-moving world of air travel, so we’ve made it our mission to give you up-to-the-minute updates on flights at all the major Aussie airports. Our easy-to-use setup means you can quickly check out flight schedules, gate details, and all the important info you need about your flights. So, whether you’re always up in the air or just love watching planes go by, Flight Tracker has got your back with a ton of info tailored for the Aussie experience.

Sydney Airport (SYD)

Adelaide Airport ( ADL )

Albany Airport ALH/ALY

Argyle Airport GYL

Melbourne Airport MEL

Perth Airport PER

Brisbane Airport BNE

Newcastle Airport NTL

Hobart Airport HBA

Flight map

Track your flight’s progress on our interactive map.

This map is really awesome, It displays all the airplanes moving around just like ants on a picnic blanket. It’s super simple to find where your own flight is, and you can even check out all the other planes zooming through the sky. map

Benefits of Using a Flight Tracker

Let’s crack open the reasons why usin’ a flight tracker is tops! You get a whole swag of benefits, like:

  • Seeing your flight cruising on that map takes the stress. Especially if you’ve got kiddos with ya or a big event waiting at the destination. Knowing everything’s going smoothly gives ya peace of mind, like a sunny barbecue.
  • These flight trackers spill all the beans on when planes are touching down and more, so you can nab the perfect airport shuttle, nail your meeting schedule, and have your trip all sorted before you even land.
  • Flight tracker giving you the heads-up on delays and cancellations before you even pack your suitcase. No more rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off – you can relax and plan your next move, as easy as a barbecue on a Sunday afternoon.

Ways to Use a Flight Tracker

Want to track your flight? Easy as! Just follow one of these quick steps:

  • Just toss in your flight number or airports, this tracker shows you where your plane’s cruising – live on a map! You’ll even see how high it’s flying, how fast it’s moving, and when it’s scheduled to land.
  • is like magic crystal balls, letting you know if your flight’s delayed or in the clear. Just take a look and you’ll find all you need – delays, cancellations, and even new options to get you where you’re going. It takes away the stress and helps you plan like a pro. map
Jim Tragotsalos

Jim Tragotsalos

Executive General Manager – Airport Infrastructure

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