G’day! Perth international airport, or as we aussies call it, (PER), is a fair dinkum major airport situated in perth, western australia. It’s the fourth busiest airport in the country, wrangling over 14 million passengers every year. This airport’s a hub for qantas and virgin australia, and it lends a hand to a bunch of other airlines too, like emirates, singapore airlines, and china airlines. You can bet your boots that some top-notch flights regularly touch down at this airport, including:

  • Qantas flights from sydney, melbourne, brisbane, and adelaide
  • Virgin australia flights from sydney, melbourne, brisbane, and adelaide
  • Emirates flights from dubai
  • Singapore Airlines flights from Singapore
  • China airlines flights from taipei

Perth International Airport Arrivals Today Timetable

Check out the timetable below for the expected arrival times of all flights at this airport today. This covers both domestic and international flights, as well as all cargo flights. We keep it fair dinkum by updating it regularly to capture any changes in flight schedules.

Terminals & Flights Landing on Which Terminal:

Perth airport’s got three terminals International, domestic, and general aviation, mate.

  • The International terminal gets a run for all international flights.
  • The Domestic terminal gets a run for all domestic flights.
  • The General aviation terminal gets a run for private jets and other small aircraft.

Tips for Arriving at Airport:

Here’s a few tips that can help folks arriving at perth airport save some time and steer clear of any hurdles:

  • Arrive 2 Hours Early. This will give ya enough time to go through security, check-in for ya flight, and find ya gate.
  • Prepare passport and docs. This includes ya boarding pass, visa (if needed), and any other relevant documents.
  • Retrieve luggage post customs. Make sure to keep an eye on ya luggage at all times.
  • Transport options from the airport. Choose the option that’s most convenient and affordable for ya.

Perth airport is a modern and efficient airport that provides a broad range of amenities and services for passengers. Arriving at this airport is generally a speedy and straightforward process, but it’s important to be prepared and follow the tips above.