Live Status

Unnerving takeoff times are a major concern for departing travelers. If you’re setting off from OAG airport, say goodbye to anxiety with our up-to-the-minute departure board conveniently located here on this website.

This post offers a continuously updated list of flights leaving the airport. No need to compulsively reload airline websites or bombard the airport information line with calls. With a brief stop by this blog, you’ll obtain all the Orange airport departure details you need, displayed in an easy-to-understand and straightforward table.

Our real-time departure timetable provides the following info:

  • Airline: The airline company operating the flight. (e.g., Qantas, Link Airways).
  • Flight Number: The unique identifier assigned by the airline (e.g., QF2114).
  • Departure Time: The scheduled departure time from Orange Airport.
  • Destination: The city or airport the flight is traveling to (e.g., Sydney, Dubbo).
  • Status: Any updates on the flight’s status, such as on-time, delayed, or canceled (information will be obtained directly from reliable sources).