Fayburn Pty Ltd has been the private owner of this airport since 1994. For the defence force and light aircraft flying over the nullarbor, the airport continues to be a vital link. Airlines from throughout western Australia operate charter flights to and from the airport. The most widely used routes link perth with cloudbreak. To assist you in keeping track of arrivals, a table with the flight schedules is located above.

The airport has comprehensive baggage handling services and can run on a single boeing 737 or airbus A320. There are no security services available in open air terminal structures.One runway at this civilian airport is appropriate for private jet travel.

It provides the adjacent cloud break mine with a lifeline. It serves the transportation of staff and essential resources for mining operations rather than mass passenger traffic, in contrast to busy corporate airports. Due to the open air terminal design, basic amenities like restrooms and baggage claim are probably available, but security services are probably limited.