The air entry point to cooktown and the cape york peninsula in queensland, Australia, is the airport (CTN). It is mostly a domestic flight destination, with only one airline currently operating scheduled passenger service there. The provided table above has all the flight details for the travellers & to get from this airport to another country you will need a flight with a stopover through Cairns.

Essential services including baggage claim and ground transportation choices (car rentals and taxis) are provided by the airport. Even while it may not have as many facilities as larger airports, its regional focus makes it perfect for those looking to get to this isolated and incredibly beautiful part of Australia. For any night landing, there is low intensity runway lighting available.

CTN is undergoing a significant renovation! A new expansion plan will create a new taxiway and upgrade the runway to draw larger aircraft and carriers. A dedicated aviation park will also attract aviation enterprises, which will strengthen the local economy.