Situated 3 km south of coffs harbour, it is one of the busiest rural airports in the state, handling flights to several regional destinations along with the major east coast towns. Although it can accommodate large aircraft, but is predominately served by regional airlines using smaller aircraft. Due to its excellent weather, high terrain, and air traffic control facilities, the airfield started to see a lot of training flights by cadets from the singapore flying college in the early 2000s.

You may be confident that above table will provide you with up to date, reliable information so you can make informed decisions all along the way. Members of the frequent flyer programme and qantas club have access to a modest qantas regional lounge located inside the terminal. The airport has covered, secure parking under cover as well as outdoor parking. There is a smaller charter terminal with no security screening located directly to the north of the main terminal. Upon arrival, CFS has basic services (restrooms, ATMs, cafes), baggage claim, car rentals, taxis, public buses, and information desks. Portable emergency flares are also available for emergency night landings only.