About six km southwest of the bundaberg city, BDB is run by the regional council of the city and it is security controlled certified airport. BDB features two runways and is located 107 feet above sea level. One runway has a grassed grey silt clay surface, the other one has an asphalt surface. You can explore the arrival schedule given above and you can efficiently arrange your arrival and pick up times with the help of this useful information.

In Australia, this airdrome ranked 41st in terms of the number of income travellers it handled during the 2010–2011 fiscal year. Even though this is classified as a small airport, there is only one terminal that serves both arrivals and departures. Important amenities like baggage claim, cozy seating areas, and food options are also available. To guarantee a smooth travel experience, BDB specifically favours passenger comfort by providing family friendly amenities and easily accessible information desks.