Broome International airport is a regional airport located 0.4 nautical miles west of the broome GPO, western Australia. It is the regional hub of the northwestern part of Australia. It is considered the gateway to the kimberley region.

Essential Information for Your Arrival at Broome Airport

Before diving into the details of Broome Airport, remember to consult the provided table for the most up-to-date and specific information regarding your flight arrival, including times, statuses, and any updates.

Broome International Airport: A Gateway to Western Australia

Location: Broome, Western Australia
Code: BME
Airlines: 7 airlines offering both international and domestic travel
Passengers: Over 300,000 passengers served annually (largest regional airport in Western Australia)

Key Arrival Information:

Terminals: One main terminal building
Services & Amenities: Shopping and dining outlets within the terminal (open 1.5 hours before departing flights)
Smoke-free environment (smoking only permitted in designated outdoor areas)

Important Note: Saltwater crocodiles can be present in the region during the wet season, although sightings near the airport are rare.

Additional Considerations:

Cost: Broome is a popular tourist destination and can be a relatively expensive place to visit due to its remote location.

Industry & Commerce: Beyond tourism, broome is a growing hub for industry and commerce. By consulting the provided table and familiarizing yourself with this information, you can ensure a smooth and informed arrival experience here.