This airport is the gateway to Queensland for international travelers and is preparing for a major overhaul of its original runway. This critical project is necessary after years of faithful service. The runway, which has been the backbone of the airport since the 1980s, needs significant work to prioritize passenger safety during the upcoming construction.

Major runway maintenance is coming to Brisbane Airport

Fast facts about this runway maintenance project.

Fast facts about this runway maintenance project

Project Details and Timeline

The project plan is to replace 18 concrete slabs that are showing their age. This important work will ensure the runway remains safe for planes to depart and arrive, keeping air travel running smoothly.

Project Details and Timeline

Temporary Changes and Impact on Operations:

This project will focus on replacing slabs at the end of the runway. To keep construction workers safe, they’ll need to shorten the runway a bit. Don’t worry, most flights won’t be affected. However, some larger international jets might use the other runway, and a small number of flights might fly over the city at night after 10 p.m. (weather permitting).

The Timeline:

It will kick off on June 24th, 2024, and is expected to be finished by September 2024.

Community Considerations:

We understand this runway maintenance might cause some trouble for residents nearby. We sincerely apologize for any disruption. This project is necessary to keep passengers, airport staff, and the surrounding community safe. It remains committed to being a top-notch aviation hub by prioritizing safety and upgrading our facilities.

Community Considerations

Why Does This Project Matter?

The runway work is part of a larger plan called “Future BNE Transformation”. This $5 billion investment shows the airport’s commitment to providing a modern experience for travelers and helping the Brisbane economy thrive.

Why Does This Project Matter

Staying Informed:

This airport is committed to transparency during the construction project. Residents and passengers can stay informed about the progress by subscribing to us for regular updates. This will keep everyone informed throughout the maintenance process.