Nestled within the idyllic landscapes of queensland, australia, badu island (IATA: BDD, ICAO: YBAU) proudly hosts an airstrip that stands as the island’s exclusive aviation gateway. Guided by skytrans, the island’s aviation lifeline, this hub ensures seamless connections with regular flights to and from Horn Island, boasting a swift flight duration of approximately 15 minutes.

A well-paved runway, stretching 1,100 meters in length and 18 meters in width, graces the island, accompanied by a functional taxiway and a welcoming terminal building. This aviation haven provides not just transportation but a link to the heart of the island’s essentials and economic opportunities.

(BDD) Badu Island Airport Arrivals Today Timetable

For a detailed insight into the rhythm of badu island’s aviation heartbeat, explore the table below, an indispensable tool for planning arrivals and coordinating pick-up times.

Beyond its role as a vital transport nexus, Badu Island Airport extends a warm welcome to both island residents and visitors alike, showcasing its hospitality to those exploring the region.

For all your inquiries, the contact details are as follows:

Address: Badu Island, Queensland 4891, Australia

Phone: +61 7 4060 6828

Explore Badu Island Airport’s Facilities & Amenities

  • A terminal building housing a waiting area, toilets, and a baggage claim section.
  • A convenient check-in counter.
  • A vigilant security checkpoint.
  • A designated car park.

Badu Island Airport Tips for Travelers:

Travelers, take note of these Badu Island Airport Tips:

  • Ensure you arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • Check your flight status before making your way to the island hub.
  • Keep your boarding pass and identification readily accessible.
  • Exercise patience during the security screening process.
  • Be mindful of the island’s limited transportation options.